Videos of Our Dogs

Title: Yogi the Superhero


Title: Max & Sophie Meet Randomly at the Carmel Beach


Title: Lunch Time for Beija’s Pups


Title: Teak and Friends

Title: Cooper Does the Dishes

Title: Ozzie Dries Dishes


Title: Boca and Bootsy Love the Snow

Title: Peaches Nurses Her One Day Old Pups

Title: Frankie Gets the Newspaper

Title: PWD Puppy (Bernie) Discovers Water


Title: The Notorious RBG in Training at 10 Weeks Old


Title: Manly Wins 2015 Eukanuba Working Group


Title: Peaches Wins Grand Championship in Petaluma


Title: Manly Wins 2015 PWD National Specialty Show


Title: Joaquin The Dog wins Best of Breed at Eukanuba


Title: Sugar Pie’s 2015 Puppies Play Ball


Title: Honey Bunch Plays Tug of War with Sugar Pie


Title: Dogs Eat Oatmeal


Title: Jailbreak by Lucy


Title: Nino & Ziva Pups Grow Up


Title: Savana has Puppies


Title: Joaquin The Dog and Savana Puppies Go Swimming


Title: Joaquin The Dog, Savana, & Bria at the Beach


Title: Rosa Swims in her Home Pool with the Kids


Videos in the Dropbox Folder

To view a video:

Step 1. Click on:

Step 2. Open the Video folder

Step 3. Double click on the video and play it

The videos listed in the Dropbox folder,, are:

•File: Ahsoka Puppies.pptx

Description: This is professionally done Power Point presentation about Ahsoka’s litter when they were about 5 weeks old. Most of the slides have beautifully poetic text describing the featured dog or puppy

•File: Beija in Training.MOV

Description: A video showing Beija in training to follow commands.

•File: Bernie - Conflicted

Description: After spending the afternoon at a lush estate - with swimming pool - outside Sacramento, Bernie is in no mood to go home. Julie threatens to leave him behind and he becomes very conflicted.  

. File: Bernie the Frisby

Description: Bernie leaping into the air to catch a flying frisby and sometimes missing.

•File: Bernie Wins Breed at Westminster.mp4

Description: The first part is the Best of Breed competition that Bernie wins. The second part is the Working Group competition where Bernie is pulled out into the top eight. The final part is the Best In Show competition. This video serves as a dog show tutorial.

•File: Bernies

Description: Bernie plays with his girlfriends at the home location of the Chien D’Eau Kennel in Sonoma, CA.

•File: Bernie's Japanese Pups.mp4

Description: Using the miracles of frozen sperm and FedX Bernie was able to fertilize the eggs of a Japanese PWD. Julie is spreading her pups all over the world.

•File: Button Bites Nose.MOV

Description: Button gets to know her new owner, Steve, by biting his nose.

•File: Bubbala Does the Dishes

Description: Bubbala sniffs out the open dishwasher and offers to help with the dishes.

•File: Bubbala Does the Laundry

Description: Bubbala drags the laundry basket towards the laundry room and offers to do the laundry.

•File: Bubbala's Laundry Basket.MOV

Description: Bubbala insists on doing the laundry again - with encouragement from Julie.

•File: Bubbala Strikes Again.MOV

Description: Bubbala takes a liking to a nice shirt in the laundry basket and isists on wearing it.

File: Bubbala Teaches Pups the Zoomies.MOV

Description: Bubbala attempts to show the pups how to zoom. The pups slowly get the idea.

File: Buttons First Week.mp4

Description: Button staggers around during her first week of life.

•File: Dizzy and Dexter - the Brothers Drucker

Description: Dizzy and Dexter play vigorously in a very small swiming pool.

•File: Dogs on Oregon Coast

Description: Julie's three Portuguese Water Dogs playing on the beach and in the lake on the Oregon Coast.

•File: Frankie The Post Man

Description: Frankie delivers the newspaper on command.

•File: Geo, a True Water Dog.MOV

Description: In order to cool off on a hot day, Geo lies in a field filled with spouts of water shooting up into the air.

•File: Honey Bunch’s Pups at 4 Days

Description: In September 2020 Honey Bunch’s pups squeal and squirm with the most delightful little sounds.

•File: Honey Bunch’s Pups Nurse

Description: In March 2019 Honey Bunch’s pups nurse with the most delightful little sounds.

•File: Honey Bunch’s Pups Scramble

Description: Seven pups fight their way through a dog door to get to Honey Bunch, who is waiting with some delicious warm milk.

•File: Leaf's 2021 Pups Day 1.mp4

Description: Shows the pups squeaking and squirming and then shows one pup nursing.

•File: Leaf's Pups Play

Description: Shows the pups, at about six weeks old, playing outside with some kids.

•File: Luna the Duck Dog

Description: Shows Luna retrieving a duck

•File: Maisy at the Beach

Description: Maisy running along the beach in great joy - just like a real water dog.

•File: Manly Goes to Westminster

Description: Story of Manly going to Westminster

•File: Mosey's Charmed Life

Description: A delightful depiction of Mosey, who loves everybody - people and other dogs

•File: Musket Attacks Box

Description: Musket attacks a long thin box and begins the process of mangling it in preparation for the dumpster.

•File: Musket Breaking Bad

Description: The movie opens with Musket munching on the fruits of his crime. The sheriff of New Castle arrests Musket and reads him his rights. Then direct evidence of the crime is presented in court leading to Musket being denied his favorite munchie.

•File: Musket Jumps Into Pool

Description: A mysterious hidden figure tosses a frisbee into the pool and out of the shadows comes the superdog, Musket, who literally flies across the pool to repossess his frisbee.  

•File: Musket Learns to Swim

Description: In their home pool, Musket is given swimming instructions and he  gets it immediately.  But, what did you expect from a Portuguese Water Dog?

•File: Peaches Brings Slippers

Description: Peaches greets Paige with her slippers.

•File: Peaches in Leaves

Description: Shows Peaches romping in the leaves

•File: Peaches Learns French

Description: A French speaking friend of Peach’s family teaches Peaches commands in French.

•File: Peaches Snores

Description: Peaches snores while Paige works.

•File: Peaches the Ladies Maid

Description: Peaches brings Paige her slippers - both at once

•File: Peaches Puppuccino

Description: Peaches enjoys a Starbucks Puppuccino - pure whipped cream - free for the dogs.

•File: Ping Pong Loves Bob the Cat

Description: Ping Pong, the dog, licks and kisses Bob, the Cat, in an inter-species romance.

•File: Pure Joy

Description: Peaches Romps in the Snow

•File: Raison Watches Bernie on TV

Description: Raison, who is Bernie's son, watches Bernie on TV as Bernie competes at the Westminster dog show.

•File: Rox the Diver

Description: Shows Rox, who is the son of Mamly and Honey Bunch, making a magnificent leap into the water.

File: Ruby Trains for Agility

Description: Ruby Miracle Button Senk, preparing for agility,  weaves around pots in the garwden at only three months old.  

•File: Serena Fetches in the Hawaiian Surf

Description: Stew Crawford throws a big stick into the Hawaiian surf and Serena fetches it with Portie gusto and a beautiful swim stroke.

•File: Squeaking Puppies

Description: The Bernie/Honey Bunch Litter, of Oct. 5, 2019, squeaking like crazy at two days old.

•File: Stella Swims

Description: Stella leaps into the pool and swims with vigor to retrieve two toys. Stella is a true Water Dog.  

•File:The Big Yawn

Description: Shows a Portie in the middle of a big yawn

•File: The Splash Sisters

Description: Cinder and Zoey, who are sisters from the May 24, 2017 litter, show that they have the right stuff in the water

•. File: Yogi - Master of Agility

Description: Shows Yogi mastering the agility course

Title: Beija Dances